Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 20 Challengers for the role of Spartacus in 123RF

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The TV-series Spartacus: Blood and Sand has gained huge followers. According to John Hannah, an actor who plays the role of Batiatus said that It is "…the most explicit, violent series’ ever made…”
Set in Rome in 73BC – in a world where women are preposterously nubile, and men are preposterously muscle-bound – the show is, indeed, unlike anything we have seen before. When the Thracian slave Spartacus fights in the arena, vast crowns of blood fan suddenly from head wounds, arms are scythed off, a man bereft of legs is pitchforked in the back, and blood spots spatter the camera lens. It looks like a computer game crossed with a cartoon and littered with full-frontal nudity and extended sex scenes.
Below are some top 20 challengers from 123RF for the role of Spartacus. Kindly note that the images are arranged randomly.

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