Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ultimate Keyword Guide Part 2

The Ultimate Keyword Guide

Welcome back to the second part of keyword guide everyone has been waiting for!! It has been awhile since the first edition in which we covered the Do's and Don'ts of descriptions.

Well, as promised we'll be focusing on keywords this time around. As keywording is a very wide and complicated subject, we'll be dividing it into a few categories for easier understanding. So, for a start, lets look into the first category which is Location. Stating an accurate name of a location is extremely important to avoid funny search results. Remember, these are just examples!


2.1 State the precise location/premises as shown in the picture

e.g., Kitchen, classroom, boardroom


When the word ''kitchen'' is mentioned, the first thing that comes into mind is food. But bear in mind that not all the food belongs in the kitchen. So do not add in the keyword ''kitchen'' into the keyword if you do not see a kitchen in the background.

GOOD - Add keyword "Kitchen"

NOT SO GOOD - Do not add keyword "Kitchen"


If you have a clear view of students writing in the classroom, it is alright to add in the word ''classroom'' into the keyword. However, it is not advisable to add the same word in for a close-up picture of a kid's hand (in our example) writing on a book. You can't make assumptions that the kid is writing in the classroom.

GOOD - Add keyword "Classroom" as a classroom is clearly visible

NOT SO GOOD - Do not add the "classroom" keyword as we can't see the classroom in this image.


Boardroom is a room provided for business conferences. So, again if the image just shows a businesswoman sitting on an office chair, do not put in the keyword ''boardroom'' simply because it is business related.

GOOD - Add in "Boardroom" into your keyword list

NOT SO GOOD - Again, there's no clear view of a boardroom here, so leave the keyword out.

2.2 Enter the exact name of the location


State the precise location if the geographic location is an important aspect of the image. Key in Venice, Italy instead of just Italy.

The keyword ''Italy'' should not be added in if the image is of a cup of cappucino eventhough it is an Italian drink.




Add in the name of the place only if it is a famous or recognizable place. The word ''Japan'' is not necessary for an image of a home interior in Japan since it is not a famous landmark or place.



Alright, that's all we have in store for you this time. Till then, remember to add relevant keywords of what you see in the image and do not come out with a new location.


Indoor box for cats to relieve themselves is not called "bathroom" but "litter box" or "sandbox" >.<

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