Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Most Incredible & Best Photoshop Tutorials

We've put together a list of Most Incredible & Best Photoshop Tutorials here as our collection. Click on each of the title to learn its trick. Enjoy reading and hope you find this information useful.

Dynamic Liquid Splash Effect
This is a step by step tutorial where you will learn how to use brushes to add a dramatic splash effect to your seemingly normal image to create a stunning abstract piece of artwork. So, sit back and enjoy.

Using a mixture of simple techniques, we are going to blend 2 different elements to a face. By adding minor details like Icicles and Melting Plastics, we are able to portray an extreme freezing effect on one side, and give a blazing hot effect to the other.

Remember the stages in the frantic Call of Duty game series where the protagonist puts on his Night Vision Goggles and the dark seem to just light up? Well in this installment of our Photoshop Tutorials, we are going to learn how to recreate that effect and turn any image to a night vision navy battle scene complete with embellishments like explosions, muzzle flashes and missile smoke trails!

Mystic Ocean of Sunken Galleon and City

Create an underwater seascape using a combination of filters and blend modes.

Fancy an effect like the ones you watch in movies such as 'Pleasantville'... where classic black & white turns into color? Find out how the Brush Tool, Adjustment layers and a little patience can help bring out the colors...

This tutorial shows how to montage  human heads to a tree and to add in a dramatized effect. In a nutshell, it is done by applying various blend modes on the relevant layers, and simulating the tree texture using a simple combo of filters such as bas relief and zoom blur to achieve that extrusion effect.

In this edition of Tutorials, we are going to explore the ways to create an out-of-this-world piece of Photoshop art. Truly stunning. Now read on the walkthrough carefully and have fun creating your own masterpiece.

Recreate the northern lights effect, otherwise known as “Aurora Borealis”. Using a combination of filters such as Render Clouds and Motion Blur, we then transform the combined effect to form the shape of an aurora, with a touch of perspective...

Transform this cloudy country side picture into a stormy and dramatic evening by adding simple lightning effects!

This tutorial involves applying some simple photo manipulation techniques to create a stunning photo story of an ill-fated mermaid that was caught by a fisherman's net.

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